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Photos for Class – Reduced Results

On Friday February 8th, through the morning of February 14th we made the decision to turn off Photos for Class while we investigated an issue with our safety filters not working correctly.

At of Feb 14th we are turning back on Photos for Class, with less photos, but we believe a working filter.

We will continue to update as we have more information. Feel free to reach out to us at hello @

Aaron Sherman
Clever Prototypes, LLC – Founder and CEO
Feb 14, 2018

Creative Common Photos of The Holy Spirit - Page 1

Two men with a female spirit
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Mount Gerizim from Mount Ebal
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'Guy's Mill, From The Road'
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Image taken from page 83 of 'The Holy Land, Egypt, Constantinople, Athens ... A series of forty-eight photographs, taken by F. Bedford, for ... the Prince of Wales during the Tour in the East, in which ... he accompanied His Royal Highness. With descripti
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